Pastor Kelvin D. Redmond

Pastor Kelvin

Meet Pastor Kelvin D. Redmond

Pastor Redmond

Pastor, communicator, humorist, missions driven visionary. Kelvin Redmond is the founding pastor of Body of Christ Church, in Raleigh, North Carolina.
with a vision in 1991 to reach non-church-ed people with the gospel of Christ in the greater Raleigh, area he launched a very non-traditional way of allow

ing the grace of God to touch broken hearts and those seeking an authentic relationship with Jesus. BOCC began with less than 10 people and now has reached a few thousand over the past two decades! Under his direction BOCC has built two facilities, its main worship/education center as well as th

e Dream Center, which is a 36,000 sq. ft. multi-sensory facility equipped with a coffee shop, sports bar, dinner theater, gymnasium and a fully equipped fitness center. This was all built for the purpose of reaching the community with a plethora of ministry opportunities. Kelvin’s philosophy is, “If you can’t get them in through the front doors of the church on Sunday, cut some back doors and side doors into the church throughout the week.”

Kelvin, is a gifted and well sought after speaker with a passion for communicating God’s word to a variety of audiences. God has given him the opportunity to speak in churches, conferences, college and seminaries, as well other social platforms. He has traveled preaching the good news of Jesus all across the U.S. and from Africa to Asia. Kelvin, understands that life is difficult and filled with challenges. God has given him a special ministry of grace and love to those who hurt and are bruised. Kelvin is now dedicating his ministry to writing as well as speaking abroad while planting churches in Africa, and around the world. He has earned degrees in pastoral studies as well as theology.

“PK” as he is more affectionately known by his parishioner’s was born and raised in Detroit, MI and is married to his best friend and beautiful wife Katina. They are surrounded by wonderful loving kids and family.