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Sermons on John

“Jesus: The Life Of The Party!”

Scripture Text: John 22: 1-22
Sermon Series: “Life Is A Party!”
Date of Sermon: May 7, 2017

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“Batteries Not Included”

Christmas Day Sermon
Scripture Text: John 10:10

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“Its More Than Enough!”

EPIC Sermon Series Pt. 2
Scripture Text: John 6: 1-14
Date of Sermon: November 22, 2015

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“The Holy Spirit…Is He God Or Just A Ghost?”

A God Worth Knowing Sermon Series Pt. 4
Scripture Text: John 14: 15-20
Date of Sermon: July 19, 2015

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Resurrection Sunday Message “What Did You Expect ?”

Scripture Text John 20: 1-18
Date of Sermon : April 5 2015

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